New National Road Traffic Law Enforcement Code on the cards


The Road Traffic Management Corporation has started consultations on the National Road Traffic Law Enforcement Code (NRTLEC).

According to a statement released by the department of Police, Roads and Transport, the code seeks to provide guidelines to which critical areas of traffic law enforcement could be standardised to try and achieve the same goals.

The statement further explains that Section 32 (2) of the Road Traffic Management Corporation Act 20 of 1999 states that “the code must take into account local development needs, capacity and available resources, and provide a national framework which sets out in respect of road traffic law enforcement”.

According to the statement: the Code also needs to take the following into account:

  • Strategic direction and goals to be achieved;
  • Management practices and human resource practices to be followed;
  • Operating principles to be applied;
  • Performance levels to be achieved;
  • Supporting management information systems to be implemented; and
  • Actions and behaviour which constitute a failure to comply with the code as contemplated in Section 33.

The statement further explains that once the code is approved by the shareholders, it will apply to:

  • Provincial traffic law enforcement authorities;
  • Local traffic law enforcement authorities;
  • Statutory transport institutions vested with powers to execute road traffic law enforcement functions;
  • Police officers employed by SAPS who execute traffic law enforcement;
  • Traffic officers employed by RTMC who execute traffic law enforcement;

The provisions and application of the NRTLEC are to the extent that they are not in conflict with the constitution or any provision of national legislation. – Sazly Hartzenberg