New hospital for Mangaung residents



A new hospital will be built for Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality residents.

Construction of Mangaung Hospital will begin in April next year. According to the Free State Health Department Acting HOD Basi Polelo, they have reached an agreement with the municipality of where the hospital will be built. Polelo was speaking at the legislature meeting this morning in Bloemfontein.

He says Mangaung Hospital is likely to replace the National Hospital. Polelo says staff working at National will be moved to the new hospital. He says National’s infrastructure is already deteriorating and the new hospital will be of higher standard. He says they still haven’t discussed what will happen to the building of National.

“We are also planning to intensify male circumcision in the province. We will be collaborating with traditional circumcision school leaders and supplying them with certain necessary equipment. We they will also prioritise on ambulances that didn’t have relevant spare parts,” he says.

Polelo admitted that that they are struggling to hire medical specialists and have to recruit them from the province.