New exhibition calls for viewer participation


An exciting new initiative by the Contemporary Gallery on Leviseur called Live the Life you Love is currently bringing artists and art lovers closer. This joint exhibition is organised with the intention of making art fun for local patrons and artists.

The gallery sponsors 30 local artists with one canvas for each artist to interpret their different lifestyles visually, utilising any medium of art according to the individual artist’s preferences.

Artists are not allowed to sign their names on the pieces exhibited, as a requirement for the Contemporary Gallery’s viewers’ competition. In the first two weeks of the exhibition, viewers are given a chance to guess which artwork belongs to which artist.

Then, on 17 February the gallery will announce a winner, who will receive a special gift from the gallery. According to organiser, AmirA, the project’s objective is for art lovers to work together to make art “fun” again with new talent.

The exhibition will run until 23 February. For more info contact Lee at 082-626- 7606 or send an email to