New app to ehance plastic recycling



The Tuffy Recycling centre locator is said to help to increase South African plastic recycling business.

According to marketing director, Rory Murray, many people don’t recycle because they don’t know where to take their rubbish. He says those mostly affected are residents living at non-existence door-to-door rubbish collections. 

“It will help recycling because it will assist people in locating recycling centres close to them. At times you find that people struggle to find where to drop off the recycling goods and that’s why the app was created. If you don’t have a mobile device, you cannot use the app. That’s the nature of apps, they run on mobile devices like smart phone or a tablet computer,” he says.

Murray says the app can be searched by region and in the future they will include social channels for people to share their recycling activities. He hopes for the app to be freely available for more South Africans to contribute and elevate the plastic recycling levels.