Netcare: Tips on preventing drownings


It is holiday time again and people are flocking to dams, rivers, beaches and swimming pools to have fun and cool down. Yesterday, once again Paramedics and hospital staff had to work fervently to save the life of a two-year-old little girl after she drowned in a dam.

Chris Botha, media liaison officer of Netcare, said drownings are becoming too common a call that paramedics have to deal with. “Please take care when you go to any water hole for a day of fun. Paramedics recommend that children do not swim without supervision, and always make sure you know where the children are, they can disappear in the blink of an eye,” he said.

“When you are at the beach please only swim where there area demarcated areas set out by the lifeguards and do not drink alcohol when you are going to swim. Please also take care to not dive into a body of water when you cannot see the bottom, this could cause severe spinal injuries if you hit your head on an object that is submerged in the water.”

Please also make sure that your pools are covered and fenced off so that children when they disappear, do not land up in the pool without supervision.

From Netcare 911 we want to wish you a very pleasant and blessed holiday, for any medical emergency please call Netcare 911 on 082-911.