Neighbourhood association to host community expo

Paper People in a Circle Holding Hands

Trots Pellissier will host an expo for residents on 5 November at President Brand Primary School from 8:30 -12:30. The expo will see the launch of the radio network initiative, an array of exhibitioners and a food collection initiative.

According to the chairperson of the association, Nico Gerber, the expo is arranged as an event to expose residents to issues of self-sustainability in lieu of our regular water and power crisis.

“We also want residents to enjoy a wide range of exhibitions to showcase what the region has to offer. We aim to collect non-perishable food for needy families and people visiting the Expo are requested to support this initiative,” says Gerber.

“The food project is a joint venture with Radio Rosestad and annually collects food throughout the region for needy families. The food collected will then be distributed to needy families in Pellissier and elsewhere. During 2021, 14 families in Pellissier benefitted from this initiative,” he says.

The association will also be launching their Trots Pellissier Radio initiative with Recon Tactical Security Company.

“The radio network is to improve security in Pellissier by ensuring a quick reaction response time on any security or other related matters. The more people sign up or are in possession of a radio the wider the coverage and Recon can react to any incident within minutes. We want to make it as difficult as possible for criminals to operate in Pellissier,” says Gerber.

Members will be able to purchase a radio for a once off fee and it will then be serviced by Recon Tactical if they have any emergency issues.

“Recon Tactical then also provides armed reaction at a reduced price to Trots Pellissier members. A comprehensive package for peace of mind and safety for our community,” says Gerber.

Gerber urges people to come and take a drive through Pellissier to see all the work they have done.

“Our actions are visible and residents can see what we do and the difference we have made in Pellissier since 2017,” Gerber concludes.

Entrance at the expo is free and all are welcome to join in.

Bonolo Moloi