NC launches Women’s Month



It is important for women to be main decision makers in their lives.

This is according to the Northern Cape Province’s spokesperson, Bronwyn Thomas-Abrahams. She says more still needs to be done to empower women. The province launched the Women’s Month Programme this morning in Kimberley. Thomas-Abrahams says it is to pay tribute to women who marched to the Union Buildings on 9 August 1956 in Pretoria.

She says Premier Sylvia Lukas introduced several activities that will honour women around the province. Thomas-Abrahams says women are now more confident but they still need to be self-sufficient.

“The theme of this years’ women’s month is working together towards sustainable women empowerment and gender equality. Strides has been made since 19 year of democracy. This year there are much more women who are working in government. Women are still nurturers and care givers but women have taken the rightful role in the society,” she says.

Thomas-Abrahams says in most cases a woman’s face reflects poverty.