NC housing project limited



The Northern Cape Province is going to suffer from house project funding.

This is a concerning issue for the chairperson of the Human Settlements portfolio committee, Nomhle Dambuza. She says reports conducted by the province and municipalities indicate that there are too many households that have not been counted during the census project in 2011. Dambuza says this will affect the budget programme.

“We have identified the issue of budget allocation linked to the population. That is a national problem because budget is allocated according to the census of 2011 and there is a little bit reduction of the population numbers in the province,” she says.

The committee is conducting a week’s site visits around the province to assess if there is any human settlement progress. Dambuza says it is also to see value of the money used on housing projects. She says for municipalities to deliver houses, they have to be credited and funding is limited. The Northern Cape Province is going to struggle receiving housing project funding.

“Once some contractors receive a construction tender from the government they tend to abandon the project without completing it. This is an issue that we need to investigate,” says Dambuza.
She says there are challenges of detecting the rightful person to be awarded a construction tender. Dambuza says the tender system is one of the reasons that affects the progress of human settlement in the country.

“There’s no system that assists provinces. When a particular public servant comes to tender in the Northern Cape, there is nothing that can prove that he is from there. Do we have the policy that actually say you can only get a tender if you belong to that certain province or even when you don’t,” says Dambuza.

She met with Cooperative Governance, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs MEC Alvin Botes on Monday and discussed the infrastructure funding that the Frances Baard Municipality is no longer receiving among other things.