NC commits to improve quality of education

MEC Mac Jack
The Northern Cape Department of Education says all schools across the province have been provided with learning and teaching supporting material for the 2020 academic year.

MEC Mac Jack says it is all systems go and that the first day of school on Wednesday ran without many clashes.

Jack says although he is still slightly disappointed with the province’s matric results for the class of 2019, he is confident that they will this year improve their performance after the province only achieved a pass rate of 76.5%.

Jack says they have put in place plans to ensure that the state of education in the province is improved in 2020 and that they obtain a 100% pass rate. He says they have noted challenges faced by many of their schools and that infrastructure development and safety in schools are amongst some of his top priorities for this academic year. Jack has encouraged teachers and members of the School Governing Body (SGB) to go the extra mile this year to ensure that poor-performing schools are attended to.