Natural handcrafted soap ‘will feed your skin’


Seasons are changing fast and it may be time to swap out some of your personal hygiene products in preparation for the colder months. The owner of JUSTBLiSS Soap, Ansulene Prinsloo, said although soap is a cleaning agent for your body as it removes all the dirt and grime your skin picks up, there is much more to soap than just that.

“So next time when you bath, or shower think about the ‘diet’ that you have your skin on. Is it healthy, or is it more like JUNK FOOD? Is it full of toxic chemicals, preservatives and/or dangerous things that can accumulate over years of use?” For her the answer is simple: Natural handcrafted soap that will “feed your skin”.

“Taking proper care of our skin is something that goes beyond taking showers and avoiding the sun as much as possible. It also has to do with the quality of the products that we use to keep our skin moisturised and nurtured. There are many skincare products out there, but knowing which ones are worth buying is the key to having long-term healthy skin,” she explained.

Some of the products available at JUSTBLiSS that are crafted to not only nourish the skin but as Prinsloo puts it “to evoke a mood and convey a sense of wellness in mind and body. PHOTO: Supplied

She added that the changing of seasons requires a shift in your skin care routine as your skin feels dryer during cold seasons than it does in spring/summer. “This is caused by the chilly, dry air that characterises autumn and winter and which naturally removes moisture from the skin. The cooler months are also associated with windy weather, further increasing water loss from the skin,” she says.

Using natural products for Prinsloo is less harmful to your skin as it has fewer chemical additives that can be found in commercial products. “Hand-crafted soap, in its purest true form, gently cleanses away excess oils and bacteria, but doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils.”

Prinsloo’s skincare advice for colder seasons:

  • Moisturise like your best selfies depend on it.
  • Don’t forget to stay hydrated.
  • Keep going with your daily sunscreen.
  • Make sure those pores stay clean.
  • Add a supplement.
  •  Buy a humidifier

Prinsloo founded JUSTBLiSS soaps from her journey of healing in 2021 and today she offers a range of products that can leave any customer feeling “complete happiness”.

“As I couldn’t find quality natural products in Bloem, I decided to make my own. After a lot of reading, I bought some equipment and supplies to make my first natural soap. I created a soap base recipe with amazing, good-for-you ingredients, and my friends and family (the poor guinea pigs) loved the feeling of these natural products on their skin,” Prinsloo concluded.

Gypseenia Lion