National Museum makes history


The National Museum in Bloemfontein became the first museum in the country to launch nano touch-screen computers and nano braille plates last Friday.
This state-of-the-art technology promotes public engagement on the topic of nanotechnology and was installed in such a way to make it accessible for the disabled. Pupils from Tswellang Special School, Bartimea School for the Deaf and Blind, and members of the Association for Persons with Physical Disabilities (APD) were the first to try out the new technology.
Funded by the department of science and technology, the project gives insight into the many benefits and development of nanotechnology. All the content and design of the interactive touch screens were done by employees of the museum and all the information is available in Afrikaans, English and Sotho.
According to the director of the National Museum, Rick Nuttal, the museum’s aim is to make information and exhibits accessible to all people. "People might think when you go to a museum you see all old things, but we wanted to bridge that gap and also want to make information available using technology and using newer technologies. Having the information available in braille is very important to us because we are trying wherever we can to make our information and resources available to all people."