National Heritage Day vs National Braai day


GALOOME SHOPANE The 24th of September has always been regarded as National Heritage day, but this seems to be drifting away somewhere between the smokes of braai day.

Co-founder of the Kara Heritage Institute, Mathole Motshekga, says heritage is about spirituality.

He says heritage is about knowing who you are and the meaning of the decorations you put on yourself.

Motshekga says heritage day should not disappear amidst braai day.

“If we as South Africans and Africans don’t teach our people about their heritage, we will have problems, like Braai day taking the place of Heritage day. It’s important that we teach our people and tell them what heritage means,” says Motshekga.

Jan Braai, founder of the national braai day initiative, says it started eight years ago and it’s about celebrating the common South African heritage, which is to braai. Braai says national braai day critics “are over-reacting.”

“The aim of national braai day is to actively celebrate the heritage of South Africa.” He adds that critics to the day “should all actually gather around fires with the rest of the country tomorrow and celebrate their heritage.”