National Archives Celebration Week



The department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation is hosting exhibitions in celebration of the National Archives’ Week. The Deputy Director of Free State Archives and Repository Tshitso Challa says this years’ them is “Archives looking into the past”.
Challa says it is important for people to know the role of their history and what they have achieved as a country. “The only way to know any information about certain things is through archives. Generations to come should know that their history is not dead. Without history people will be lost,” he says.

The different exhibitions at schools will be to inform learners about the importance of archives. Challa says an archive was a way of making sure we don’t commit the same mistakes our ancestors did in the past. “It is essential to see what we have achieved through politics or sports and whether nationally or internationally. To recognise those who played major roles in the development of the country,” says Challa.

He believes if some of the things were recognised in the past, history would have grown more than it is at the moment. Most people visit the archives offices to research on their family history, the province, maps and non-public records.

The exhibition opens daily at the Free State Provincial Archives in Bloemfontein. It will focus on the 1913 land act, 1950 women’s march, 100th celebration of the union buildings existence, 50th celebration of the treason trial and significant name changes in the Free State.