Music keeps M. Rumbi going

Michael Rumbi Maringa, better known as M. Rumbi Photo: Fiona Maina

Singer, rapper and music producer Michael Rumbi Maringa’s love for music is what keeps him going – despite the odds.

The 25-year-old musician, better known as M. Rumbi, had his first guitar lesson from his father whilst still in high school – this is where his music journey began. “As I continued learning, I started listening to more music. Then came the urge to replicate, recreate and finally create. It’s been history ever since,” said Maringa.

He described his passion for music as an “internal thing”, as music made him feel things he had never felt before. His sound consists of Indie-soul, a blend of jazz-influenced music crossed with singer-songwriter lyrics. He also dabbles in various styles of hip hop.

Maringa recently released a new single, titled “Wonder”, and is currently busy working on a new EP, which should be done in the next few weeks. “I want to share my music with as many people as possible. I also just want to get better at it as it means I can say and do more and express myself more clearly.”

According to Maringa, his love for music is what drives him as nothing has ever come close to making him as happy as music does, which is the thing that keeps him going.

His music is available on all major streaming platforms under the name M. Rumbi. For more, follow him on Instagram at m.rumbi.

Pierce van Heerden