Murdered UFS student’s parents mourn his death

Sean Kroon. Photo: Facebook.
The mother of the first-year University of the Free State student, who was shot and killed during an armed robbery in Universitas, Bloemfontein, on Saturday says she is appalled by how cheap life has become.

Joanne Kroon says her son, Sean Kroon, lost his life over a laptop and cell phone. She says she is saddened by people who steal from students and claim their lives.

Kroon says Sean was her only son after she and her husband, Michael battled to fall pregnant.

“We waited 14 years before I fell pregnant with him, and the Lord has blessed us with 18 years of his life, and now for a laptop he is taken away from us. I doesn’t seem to even out,” she says.

Kroon says they are in Bloemfontein at the moment and are yet to pack up his belongings, go to the police and identify his body.

“I brought a living child to the Free State, and now I have to take him in a little box”. She says they are to arrange a memorial service next week Saturday on their farm.

Born and raised in the Eastern Cape, Kroon came to the Free State to study engineering.

Joanne says she had hoped that her son would be one of the best engineers this country had ever produced.

She says she is thankful to the University of the Free State for accepting her son as a student when other universities in his province were already full.

Joanne says they are to meet with the University management this afternoon.

Katleho Morapela/Courant News