Municipality needs to commit to payment for services

“The Mangaung Metro Municipality (MMM) needs to commit to payment of services and honour the commitments.” This according to Bloem Water’s executive of operations and maintenance, Maruping Rapudungoane, who has hopes that the newly elected council will handle the payment of bulk water differently.
“The Metro has committed to honour the payment plan and adhere to follow up meetings that will continue to monitor progress. Furthermore, the inauguration of the new municipality council will lead to permanent appointment of strategic positions within the municipality and this might bring the much needed administrative change,” he said.
 The agreement states that Bloem Water will get paid on the second week of December and the balance will be paid in January 2022. This comes after many neighbourhoods in Bloemfontein have once again been hit with water cuts due to non-payment of about R270 million by the municipality. Bloem Water has since fully restored the water supply as the MMM was able to make an additional payment of R20 million to the R20 million payment they made at the end of last week.
According to the company that supplies water to the southern and eastern areas of the city, the nonpayment by the municipality negatively impacts Bloem Water’s ability to meet its current operational requirements, including employees’ salaries as well as payment of services such as Eskom and Centlec, as well as chemical suppliers to effectively and efficiently provide bulk water services.
Justine Fortuin