Municipalities have challenges-ANC



General Secretary of the ANC in the Free State William Bulwane said it was a well-known fact that there are challenges in local municipalities.

He said the state of municipalities in the province is not good. Bulwane was speaking during a media briefing in Bloemfontein on Thursday. He added that Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality is the only municipality that is improving and moving in the right direction.

Bulwane explained that some factors that are negatively affecting the services of municipalities are unpaid municipal services and ageing infrastructure. He dismissed allegations that cadre deployment might be one of the main reasons that municipalities struggle to provide services to residents and emphasized that the ANC didn’t employ “dumb” cadres.

“The lowest qualified city manager amongst the metropolitan municipalities in the country is the city manager of Western Cape. We deploy people who have capacity and qualifications. All these municipal managers that we have deployed, they have qualifications of the particular job,” he said.

Bulwane added that some municipal employees are sent to finance and competency course in Pretoria to advance their skills in local government.