Municipal tenders to promote economic transformation – Mlamleli

Mangaung Metro Municipality's Executive Mayor, Olly Mlamleli. Photo: Katleho Morapela

Bloemfontein – “In total, 30 percent of municipal tenders are to be allocated to Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs), which are owned and operated by women, the youth and/or physically disabled individuals.”

This is according to the Executive Mayor of Mangaung Metro Municipality, Olly Mlamleli. Speaking during a special council meeting, Mlamleli said the municipality must promote radical economic transformation. She says the municipality must ensure that tenders allocated to contractors are set to empower vulnerable groups in society.

“As the ruling party, the ANC is giving everybody in government an instruction that we go for a radical, progressive economic transformation, not only radical, I’m adding progressive as well. What does that mean? It means the big tenders that we are allocating to service delivers and contractors must be put aside for empowerment of SMMEs and all those people who are within the ‘Batho Pele’ target.”

Mlamleli says the 30 percent is to ensure that these groups play an active role in the development of the country’s economy.

Katleho Morapela- BloemfonteinCourant