Muffin King soars


Irrespective of how hard the Covid-19 pandemic has hit businesses, Anathi Noxuba, also known as the Muffin King from Bloemfontein, has once again added an achievement to his list.

His business, The Muffin King, has recently appeared on when he spoke about the power of social media. “The show was about how I used social media to grow my business, the importance of having a social media presence as a business and using it the right way to connect to your clients.”

Noxuba appeared on just two years after starting his business and establishing his own muffin mix a few months later. “The goal with my muffin mix was to get it tested and placed on retail shelves.” He said no matter how hard things may get, he will always remember why he started this business and how hard he had worked to grow his brand. “Everything I have gone through to be where I am, will always keep me going.”

Noxuba’s biggest motivator for starting his business was unemployment. He had already grown a passion for baking and preparing food, so it was easy for him to start a business in a space that he was already comfortable in. One of the things he was most proud of, was the new stove he bought himself in 2019 from the money he had made. “I am also proud of giving a motivational talk to other entrepreneurs about how I started my business.”

The mindset that has made him successful is not giving up, even when things are not going your way. “To me ‘NO’ means ‘Next one’. If I try to sell my product to someone and they don’t buy, it doesn’t mean that I should give up. It simply means I should move on to the next one and keep on selling until someone buys.

Being on the show has been a great achievement for me because it made me realise that all the work I put into it wasn’t for nothing,” Noxuba concluded.

Corn Koteli