Mr Central SA Top 25 announced

Photo: Leani Photography

Taking a stand and getting their hands dirty, the top 25 for the Mr Central South Africa has been announced. 25 young men from across South Africa with exceptional moral values and known for their hard work and community activism have been chosen and are now in the race for winning the title to become the first Mr Central South Africa.

The announcement, which was made at a lavish event held at Urth Garden Centre, also focused on creating a platform for local artists to showcase their talent.  According to founder, Theodore “Theo King” Chikuma, the feedback from the public was overwhelming. “Mr Central SA, finds it suitable to showcase opportunities that we can offer for the advancement of our local artists by giving them a platform to present themselves to the right crowd,” Chikuma said.

According to Chikuma the finalists are extremely driven and dedicated to the cause, this to a point where they made it very hard for the judges to choose a top 25. “The programmes they aligned themselves with and the awareness they brought to our campaign, were totally impressive,” Chikuma concluded.

The finalists will now get to work and start with their 16 Voices program which is over the 16 Days of Activism period as the grand finale is also within the same period (25 November to 10 December).

According to Chikuma they aim to implement these events as inclusive programmes that enhance and retain of local talents and capacity within arts and culture as well as ensuring developmental pathways towards healthy lifestyles and excellence.

The Mr Central South Africa Pageant founded by Chikuma together with Diaan Neethling and is a pageant aimed at creating awareness of and eradicating the ongoing violence and abuse against women and children in our nation.