Movement takes to Bfn streets over GBV

President of the movement, Tokelo Africa

This morning the South African Prisoners Unemployed Social Movement took to the streets and came together at the Glaspaleis in Bloemfontein to take a stand against gender based violence (GBV).

The president of the movement, Tokelo Africa, told Bloemfontein Courant that they are tired of GBV and they are saying that enough is enough.

“We are tired of giving the perpetrators a second chance because they end up blaming the victims. We are really concerned because a case of GBV is reported almost every day in our country.”

He further says that their aim today was to demonstrate the love that they have for South African women and to ensure that they know that they are supported. Also to show the perpetrators that women need to be respected and looked after.

“We are calling on the Minister of Justice to ensure that the perpetrators get harsher sentences in order for them to learn and to show others that their actions against women are serious.”

Africa was chained to a pole for the morning, without being able to eat or use the bathroom, in order to mourn the deaths of GBV victims.

Sazly Hartzenberg