Motorists warned of snow and black ice along Van Reenen’s Pass and N3


The N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) has warned of high winds and snow. Drivers are urged that extra caution would be required along Van Reenen’s Pass.

N3TC’s operations manager, Thania Dhoogra said the road incident management system are ready to provide support when and where required, reports The Citizen.

In addition, Fleet Watch warns of ‘black ice’.

When the temperature drops, water on the road from light snowfall turns into ice. Black ice is transparent and hard to spot – roadways become very slippery, which could result in hazardous driving conditions.

FleetWatch says it has also been informed that saltwater will be sprayed on the road to dissipate the snow.

That said, Philip Hull of Community Medical Services said the weather conditions could be a “nightmare for people who get stranded in the snow”.

Weather experts predict between 3cm and 5cm of snow could be expected on Friday and Saturday. Heavy snowfall could also result in road closures along the pass, should incidents occur.

FleetWatch said the areas identified as high-risk “runs between Warden and Van Reenen’s Pass, as well as Phuthaditjhaba and Qwa-Qwa in the Free State.”

Motorists should delay their trips if possible.

Dhoogra said if motorists have no option but to travel, it’s advised to “stay aware of weather warnings and the possibility of associated road closures.” She says road conditions may “change quickly”.

In addition, people with medical conditions or those travelling with babies, “should ensure they travel with sufficient baby supplies and medication”, Dhoogra added.

Anyone in need of assistance may contact N3TC’s 24-hour N3 Helpline by dialling 0800-63-43-57, or by following updates on the @N3Route Twitter account.

Cheryl Kahla