TAKE NOTE: Motor vehicle registration and licensing fees 2016/17

Motor vehicle registration and licensing fees 2016/17

The Department of Police, Roads and Transport (DPRT) in the Free State Provincial Government will increase some licensing and motor registration fees with between 5% and 8%.
The Department has not had any price escalations for two years in a row, underscoring the government’s drive to assist poorer communities to be able to compete in the job market and to encourage residents of the Free State to legitimately own and drive a vehicle on our roads.
Fees for the application of driving licences for codes C1, C, EC1, EC will stay at R232.00, Codes B or EB is still R206.00 and Code A1 and A stays at R166.00. Application for a learner’s licence (R92.00), issue of a learner’s licence (R48.00), issue of a driving licence card (R186.00) and application for a temporary driving licence (R48.00) are some of the categories that will not increase during the 2016/17 financial year.
Motor vehicle registration fees increases with 8% from R106.00 to R110.00 per vehicle.
Other increases relate to vehicles of a certain weight. There is a 4% increase in licensing fees of vehicles with a TARE between 0-1250 and a 6% increase in vehicles of TARE 1251-1750. Vehicles with a TARE of between 1751 and 2250 increase with 7% from R672.00 to R720.00.
Heavier vehicles from TARE 2251 – 2750 face a 24% increase from R810.00 to R1 008.00 and in the TARE 2751-3000 class a stiff 36% increase is affected (from R942.00 to R1 284.00). Licence fees for all trailers of different TAREs is only adapted with 5% from R132.00 to R139.00.
The highest increases are in the category for breakdown vehicles where licence fees rise with 594% (R132.00 to R876.00) for vehicles of TARE 0-250, 224% (R270.00 to R876.00) for TARE 251-750 and 115% (R408.00 – R876.00) for TAREs 751-1500.
Drivers, learner drivers and vehicle owners are advised to obtain a copy of the Provincial Gazette Number 07 dated 15 April 2016 for a full list of the new fees’ structure. The Gazette and a summary of the fees structure has been posted on the departmental website under Public Notices. You can access it through:http://www.policeroadstransport.fs.gov.za/