Mother’s Day made special by Northridge Mall

Cheyene Staunton before and after the makeover. PHOTO: Supplied

Northridge Mall in Bloemfontein recently revealed the results of the makeover the winner of the Mom Makeover Competition the mall had in celebration of Mother’s Day 2021.

Leon Gray, who handles the marketing for the mall, said the aim of the competition was to celebrate mothers that do not necessarily always have the time to shop around. They wanted the winner to be spoiled by their professional makeover team.

“Around 40+ entries were received. Nominations were open to the public on the Northridge Mall Facebook page and anyone could nominate a special mother in their life,” said Gray. He explained that the winner was chosen randomly.

The chosen winner, Cheyene Staunton, mother of a 4-year-old boy, is a regular shopper at the mall. She stated that it felt good to win, although she did not know her mother had entered her in the competition. “My mother only told me two days before my birthday that I had won the mom makeover.”

Gray said they did not host a Father’s Day Makeover competition, however, there are some exciting campaigns still to come from Northridge Mall.

Corn Koteli