Most taxpayers opt to file electronically


SABRINA DEAN – Less than one percent of taxpayers are still submitting traditional paper based tax returns, with the bulk opting for private e-filing or electronic filing at a Sars branch.

Tax season for most individual taxpayers closes on Friday, November 21, and Sars deputy spokesperson Marika Muller says people are cutting out the red-tape by turning to technology to file their returns. She says by 9am yesterday 3.84-million tax returns had been filed.

"Over 2-million have done it themselves on e-filing, over 1.8-million have done it electroniclally in a Sars branch and just under 4000 people have submitted physical tax returns this year," she says.

Muller says as per usual, most tax payers seem to have left it to the last minute with the number of returns submitted this Monday double those submitted last week Monday. She has urged patience as the last minute rush could cause long queues at branches.

Tax returns can be submitted electronically via e-filing, electronically at your nearest Sars branch or as a hardcopy. Visit or call the Sars Contact Centre on on 0800 007 277 for relevant information about filing for the current tax season.