Morgan doesn’t ‘beat around the box’

The world class Beatboxer, Morgan Pienaar, will leave the audience in awe at the 2018 annual Moments concert.

A mind-blowing show can be expected from the amazing artist Morgan Pienaar (26), better known as Morgan Beatbox, at the annual Moments concert that will be taking place at the Sand du Plessis Theatre on 1 and 2 June 2018. Music lovers can look forward to a selection of up-beat, iconic music, which promises to find favour with the audience.
“I started beatboxing in Grade 11. My love and passion for music drove me to wanting to express it. Growing up with a single mother, there was no money to learn an instrument, so I made the sounds myself, using my mouth. This is my second Moments show and I am extremely excited!” Pienaar said.
Morgan Beatbox is an international celebrity beatboxer, who has also won the South African Beatbox Championships. After being in the entertainment industry for seven years, he is constantly pushing musical boundaries and challenging himself to be multi-faceted. He is the only beatboxer worldwide that can produce a mind-blowing eight sounds at the same time.
Pienaar said: “I am really trying to make my comedy stronger, and to do this I need to perform as often and at as many venues as possible. I am setting short-term goals, realistic ones, so my plans for the future are to perform at as many comedy clubs around the world as I can. The audience can expect jaw-dropping vocal skills as well as a fun and funny show from myself. I have no doubt that Moments 2018 will be bigger and better for our cherished audience.”
Book your tickets now at the Pacofs ticket office at R150 per person.

Zilke Prinsloo