More than just a beauty and glamour competition

From the left are: Ps. Harry Carelse (Kingdom Christian Church), Venesa Leeuw (The Miss Lesh Foundation), Andrussa Goliath (Radiant Productions), Theodore Chikuma AKA Theo King (Mr Central South Africa), Gadija Abrahams Brown (MEC of Finance in the Free State) and Diaan Neethling (Mr Central South Africa Ambassador). PHOTO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN

The new male pageant by local businessman, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Theodore “Theo King” Chikuma, is set to leave its mark and change the lives of others. The Mr Central South Africa pageant was established in collaboration with the Save our Girls project with its primary objective selecting and shaping individuals that would lead in the near future.

Mr Central South Africa is open to working with any project which speaks to the pageant’s mandate. It combines beauty, social media, the arts, education, culture, business and activism in a bid to highlight the many ways in which violence towards women and children negatively impact our society as a whole, emphasising that it’s a societal, rather than a governmental problem. “We are working closely with MACAH and the premier’s office’s special projects as well as the Department of Social Development and Correctional Services that has shown great interest in partnering with our organisation,” said Chikuma.

All participants will be men between the ages of 18 and 32. “These will be men of exceptional moral standards who will serve as positive role models and thereby exemplify to all South Africans how to treasure, uplift and treat women and children with the utmost of care,” Chikuma concluded.

The event will be on the 30th of November 2019 over the 16 Days of Activism period and tickets are up for sale at the Pacofs booking offices in Bloemfontein at R150.00. For more about Mr. Central South Africa visit their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.