More evidence in Griekwastad trial shown to court


Marine Jacobs

Kimberley. – The high court in Kimberley has adjourned for lunch on day two of the Griekwastad triple murder trial. Police officer André McAnda took to the stand this morning as the second state witness.

It was dead silent in courtroom as photo evidence of the farm and farmhouse and the victims were shown. Deon Steekamp’s body was found lying face down next to the dining room table with a blood smear next to his head.

Christel and Marthella’s bodies were found lying next to each other in a pool of blood. Graphic photos of the victims’ injuries were also shown.

One of the photos was of telephone, taken off the hook with a blood smear next to it. McAnda also testified that a safe in the main bedroom was found unlocked and open.