Moms create gin sensation

The ladies behind KolleGin hope that other women will also be inspired by their story to craft their own ideas into reality. From the left are Annel Oosthuizen, Elizma Maritz and Erina Cillié-du Preez. PHOTO: PIERCE VAN HEERDEN.

Four girl friends came together to produce a drink that has become a sensation in Bloemfontein and beyond. KolleGin came about one night when alcohol-sceptic, Annel Oosthuizen, was handed a beautifully decorated glass of gin by her good friend, Elizma Maritz. She was immediately impressed and a fantastic idea followed.

“I don’t drink anything but then they brought me gin that looked very pretty with flowers and strawberries in it. As we were drinking, we chatted about collagen and how everybody seems to be drinking it to have great skin. So an idea came to me to mix the popular drink with collagen,” said Oosthuizen.

It seems that many others believe in the idea too because since starting their business in June 2019, the friends have sold hundreds of bottles of their colourful spirits in Bloemfontein and even overseas. However, their passion lies in bringing value to gin lovers by making them glow from the inside out.

“We are all about people coming together to uplift one another. Our gin and tonic has collagen in it which is a protein that improves skin and nails. But even to simply enjoy a glass with your own friends will make you more beautiful because in their company you laugh and enjoy yourself, just like we do,” said Maritz.

Another of the four moms Erina Cillié-du Preez who is also a wine expert was tasked with handcrafting high quality gin that is not just visually appealing but smells amazing. This resulted in four different flavours of gin, including a non-alcoholic version, that are infused with rooibos and chocolate mint among others.

“Our whole focus is to produce something that is elegant, stylish and crafted. We want people to enjoy it without it being overpowering,” said Cillié-du Preez. Oosthuizen expressed that the reason for their overnight success has been their bond as well as the combined input of their unique perspectives and talents. She hopes that other women will find inspiration from their journey to act on their ideas as well.

“We have learnt to step out of our comfort zone, which is easy to do when you’re a mom of small children going through the motions daily but scared to realise your ideas,” she said.
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Nomaqhawe Mtebele