Moments promises to be a masterpiece

The group, Tharo, that will be performing at the Moments concert on 23 November, Jacobus Silwer, Mario Lategan and Thabo Hlongwane.

As the time draws closer for the Moments concert, excitement is surely building in both the artists and the residents of the city. Bloemfontein Courant spoke to the artists who will be performing and they all agreed that music lovers should hurry to get their tickets.

The Moments concert will see the group, Tharo, which consists of Thabo Hlongwane, Jacobus Silwer and Mario Lategan, perform hits that are sure to be crowd favourites.
Lategan said it is always such a great honour to be part of Willie Venter’s very professional and spectacular productions.

“To be on stage with legends and friends such as Sonja Herholdt and Ella Kotze is what I am looking forward to the most,” Lategan said.
Thabo Hlongwane explained that Venter has produced some of the best shows in the country. He has worked with Venter in productions such as Miss SA pageant and Huisgenoot Skouspel, so the vast experience and knowledge Venter brings is valuable and the production will also go a long way to inspire local producers to follow suit.

Jacobus Silwer told Bloemfontein Courant that he is extremely excited and like the previous show, this one again promises to be a masterpiece. The songs he will be performing and that he will be part of, are all songs no one would expect from him. He said he is very busy practising. “To perform alongside excellent performing artists from my home town is always such a blessing. To know our supporters will definitely be there, makes it all worthwhile.”
Silwer further explained that these are the kind of shows that keep theatre alive.

They need to grow an audience that will continue supporting actors, performers and musos on stage, artists who live for what they do. Lategan agreed that the audience can look forward to a world-class show, featuring some of the best local talent that does not stand back for anyone.

Sazly Hartzenberg