MMM water restrictions due to non-payment


Residents in Bloemfontein have to once again brace themselves for water restrictions. This after Bloemwater has implemented water restrictions to all areas in the Mangaung Metro Municipality as from yesterday.  According to a statement from BloemWater,  the bulk water supply has been reduced to 30% in line with the Constitution. The water supply reduction means that not all citizens in the Metro will have access to water flow and in other areas pressure will be low.

It further explains that the two Entities (Bloemwater and the Mangaung Metro Municipality) have had several engagements around the issue of non-payment and some disputed matters had been dealt with by the mediation process of National Treasury. In a meeting that was held, the Metro committed to the payment of accounts and not to offset the disputed accounts against due accounts and has also confirmed this in writing. The statement further explains that all the resolutions taken during these processes were mostly not adhered to by the Metro and that BloemWater has been diligent and consistent in supplying bulk water at full capacity despite continued non-payment by the municipality.

This situation has put the entity in an untenable position, which left it with no option but to reduce bulk water supply in accordance with Section 4(5) of the Water Services Act 108 of 1997 (as amended).

BloemWater needs to pay for services such as Eskom and chemicals among others to effectively and efficiently provide bulk water services. Bloemfontein Courant has requested comment from the municipality but has received nothing up to this point –