MMM resumes operations after decontamination


The decontamination of the Bram Fischer Building, where an official had tested positive for Covid19, has been completed and daily operations have resumed after it being shut down on Monday.

Direct contacts of the official who tested positive underwent testing for Covid-19 and their results came back negative. This includes that of the Head of the Speaker’s Office and that of Council Speaker Mxolisi Siyonzana.

According to a statement by the MMM, the city’s Occupational Health Clinic screened all employees who have been working in the building since 8 June 2020.

“The city remains vigilant and responsive to incidents related to Covid-19 and would want to re-emphasise that its priority is the health and well-being of employees and citizens. We have implemented several measures across all regional offices and facilities to prevent the spread of the virus and identity any possible cases as early as possible,” said the MMM.

The measures that have been put in place include, but are not limited to, the provision of personal protective equipment, sanitisers at all entry points, as well as educational and awareness campaigns for staff.

Sazly Hartzenberg