MMM issues cold snap warning


The South African Weather Service has issued a weather warning for a cold snap that will last until Tuesday 9 July.

“A deep frontal system is making landfall in the Cape on Sunday morning and will move through the eastern parts of the country by Monday,” the SAWS advisory read.

The advisory further mentioned that the landfall will result in strong, damaging winds, wet conditions and light snow over the Northern Cape, spreading toward the south of the Free State.

The extreme cold conditions are expected to spread to the North West and the whole Free State later during the day and throughout Tuesday.

MMM spokesperson, Qondile Khedama, mentioned that the conditions may lead to the loss of vulnerable and small livestock as well crops, cold-related illnesses, roll-over of high-sided motor vehicles due to strong winds and significant damage to informal settlements.

“The city would like to encourage residents to be cautious as they use different heating methods to keep warm during these cold conditions and to refrain from leaving heating devices unattended,” Khedama concluded.

In case of emergencies, residents can contact the Mangaung Fire Department at 051-406-6666 or their toll-free line at 107, the ambulance contact details are 10177.


Compiled by Abigail Visagie