MMM condemns violent protests in the city

Silhouette group of people Raised Fist and Protest Signs in yellow evening sky background

The Mangaung Metro Municipality (MMM) says it has noted the sporadic protests and interruptions in the City’s projects over the past week.

MMM further says that these interruptions have inconvenienced residents trying to go about their daily activities and that the earlier interdict granted by the court will be implemented in ensuring that should there be any activity of this nature again, people will be immediately apprehended for the contravention.

According to the statement by MMM, the City reiterates its open-door policy in engaging all stakeholders within the municipality.

“We want to bring it to the attention of those who are protesting that the City’s leadership is ready to listen to them to understand their plight and to assist within its powers,” reads the statement.

“As the City, we would want to reiterate that there is nothing wrong with peaceful protests because they are part of a democratic process and they enhance and strengthen our democracy. However, civil disobedience as observed recently is a contravention of the law, if not criminal.”

Sazly Hartzenberg