Mlamleli Invites TAC Around the Table

Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) General Secretary, Anele Yawa, says he applauds Olly Mlamleli for her invitation to them for talks on reducing HIV/AIDS in Free State.

Mlamleli Invites TAC Around the Table

Mangaung Executive Mayor, Olly Mlamleli, delivered an address in her office today on her plans in reducing TB and HIV/AIDS in the province over the next five years.

In her address, she mentioned Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), an HIV/AIDS activist group, calling them on board to reduce the pandemic in the province.

Mlamleli further added that there have been several talks between her office and the TAC, also mentioning how the organization once challenged her office in the presence of the former provincial Health MEC, Benny Malakoane.

Noting previous interactions with the TAC, Mlamleli invited the firebrand activist group for discussions on strategies to reduce the virus in Free State communities by 2020. Anele Yawa, General Secretary of the TAC applauded the Mlamleli on the decision to make his organisation part of these deliberations.

He also further added that it has been the TAC’s call all along to reach out and collaborate with Mangaung can work together to further the interests of those affected by the HIV pandemic in the province.

Yawa further added that he simply hopes Mlamleli lives up to targets set to reduce HIV/AIDS by 2020 as things are easier said than done.

 Pulane Choane/CourantNews