Miss Heidedal 2022 expresses gratitude

The top three winners of Miss Heidedal 2022 from left are: Amore Bronkhorst (1st princess), Ambroyse Johnson (winner) and Lionelle Ruiters (2nd princess). PHOTO: LADY C MEDIA CREATORS

The popular pageant, Miss Heidedal, announced its winner recently with Ambroyse Johnson walking away with the crown.

According to a director of the pageant, Meghan Pearl Kurrama, the objective of the pageant is to open up the minds of young girls to a world they were unaware of.

“Every year we aim to go bigger and give people something to look forward to. This year our hashtag was #survivor. We wanted to emphasise the past difficult years of loss suffered with the pandemic. We incorporated an army print fashion show to showcase that,” said Meghan.

Bloemfontein Courant spoke to Ambroyse and she shared her gratitude on winning Miss Heidedal.

“I am still in awe of God’s grace and favour that He has shown me throughout this journey and I’m so overwhelmed by happiness because it’s an honour to have won this title. I don’t think that it has sunk in yet, as this is the first pageant that I have won. I am genuinely so happy and excited for this journey,” she added.

According to Ambroyse, she advocated for food insecurity and period poverty in the community of Heidedal. As a finalist she hosted two soup kitchens where she provided groups of underprivileged children and adults with a meal. She also had a sanitary pad drive for a group of young girls.

As Miss Heidedal 2022, Ambroyse plans to host more soup kitchens on a bi-weekly basis. “Food insecurity is something that’s a huge obstacle in our community and I believe that by starting small, I will eventually be able to address this issue and find a solution. “She also hopes to continue advocating for and to start finding solutions to address period poverty, especially in Heidedal schools. “My goal would be to provide young women with access to free sanitary towels.”

Ambroyse’s message to those who would like to enter the Miss Heidedal pageant is: “It’s so important to believe in yourself when starting a journey like Miss Heidedal because it’s so easy to start comparing yourself to people around you. Be grounded in who you are and the values you believe in. Do everything with passion and love. Something that kept me going throughout this journey was Psalm 46:5 – God is within her, she will not fail.”

Justine Fortuin