Miss Capable gives a voice to disabled women

Directors of the Miss Capable pageant, Dipalesa Mbola and Pitchov Kumwimba-Ngombe

Miss Capable, the first beauty pageant of its kind, is set to defy pageant norms. This is according to Pitchov Kumwimba-Ngombe, co-founder of the Dipalesa Pitchov Foundation.
Kumwimba-Ngombe said the Miss Capable pageant was created to give a platform to people living with different disabilities and to give them a voice. “People who have disabilities are completely forgotten and we wanted to create a platform for people living with different disabilities.”
This is the brainchild of Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality’s Executive Mayor, Olly Mlamleli, who, together with the Dipalesa Pitchov Foundation, started this pageant to not only raise awareness for the disabled but to also help them with employment as it is often hard for them to find employment. “When they have to get employment it is a struggle. So this platform is to create awareness that they are here and that they need to be treated equally and they need to be employed,” said Kumwimba-Ngombe.
“I am thankful to have met them and I am inspired by their spirit and drive. Sometimes when you think that things are not going well you see how these ladies don’t feel pity for themselves. They are really inspiring young women.”
The Miss Capable directors aim to find an ambassador who will stand up for those who are often ostracised by their community and society as a whole for being “different”. The Miss Capable event will take place at the Old Grey’s event centre on 24 November 2018 and will start at 18:00. For more information, visit the Facebook or Instagram page, Miss Capable. – Pierce van Heerden