Minipreneurs graduate to their next step

Minipreneurs from Nozala Primary School have now graduated and will be improving their skills in the next step of the programme, Kidpreneurs.

Minipreneurs graduate to their next stepLearners in Grade 10 to 12 then do a programme called Licence to Lead, which focuses more on employability and workplace readiness. The programme takes a full year, with 15 weeks being used for entrepreneurship and the other 15 weeks used for financial literacy.
The Minipreneur programme has two sections. Firstly, entrepreneurship, which consists of a 15-week programme that is run over 6 months. This programme saw learners taking part in a market day held at Emoya Estate in December 2016. “After the market day they are left with what we call ‘piggy money’, which is the profit they had made from their market day. We then take them on a financial literacy programme, which is also 15 weeks. So they’ve completed the 15 weeks of Minipreneurs, and the 15 weeks of ‘Be Centsable’ minipreneurs has also now been concluded,” explained founder and executive director: Young Entrepreneurs, Danie Jacobs.
Sponser, Central Media Group, has extended its sponsorship to leaners, which now allows them to take part in the Kidpreneurs section of the programme. They will be starting with Kidpreneurs in July. “The methodology we are following is to internalise entrepreneurship practises and financial literacy principles through experiential, repetitive learning,” concluded Jacobs. – Seithati Semenokane