Midyear Gardening Tips



Herewith a few tips for the gardener to take note of during July.

  1. Make cuttings of hardwood shrubs and trees. To do this you will need to cut just above and just below the branch nodes, dip one end into hormone powder and then into course river sand. Keep it in a protected spot and water daily. By the end of spring you should be rewarded with lots of new plants.
  2.  Regularly water and feed bulbs and seedlings you may have planted.
  3. Before the sun comes up water any plants covered with frost, this will help reduce frost damage.
  4. Rake up and burn all diseased leaves around your roses.
  5. Divide up and plant out any perennials that require subdividing, these could be irises, agapanthus, Shasta daisies etc.
  6.  If you have a garden bed that seems to get wider and wider consider giving it a cobble edge. Put the cobbles in a little bit of cement and make sure they are level. Cobbles last longer than wooden edging and at establishments like SmartStone in Langenhoven Park you can buy them up for around R2.
  7. Winter is a time of scarcity for birds – do your bit by putting out food and water for them.
  8.  Assess your pots and if you think they could do with a colour change, winter is the time to do this. Remember to paint over the inside lip and not just the outside of the pot.
  9. Clean your gutters, service your lawnmower and sharpen you cutting tools.