Mgogodlana passionate about policing



Sergeant Precia Mpho Mgogodlana recently won the Visibly Policing Employee of the Year category at the South African Police Services’ National Excellence Awards, and if you talk to her, it becomes clear that this woman has a passion for what she does.
She heads up the Social Crime Prevention Unit at the Mangaung Police Station in Phahameng, where she started out her career in 2011. She says she knows there’s a small group of people who do not have faith in the work they do as police, but communities she deals with generally have faith in the SAPS. She believes she can help polish the image of the police and bring back the trust that once existed between them and communities.

She started her career with SAPS in 2009 when she attended the Graaff-Reinett Police College, after she did some studying (BCom Accounting), took a break and worked as a waiter, before she decided she wanted to become a member of the South African Police Service.

She calls the Mangaung Police Station home, as she’s only worked there since completing her training.
"When I worked at the Community Service Centre where people would come with their complaints, every case I handled people would actually came back and thank me. That made me love my job more," Mgogodlana told Courant when she was visited in her office recently.

The honour (award) was bestowed on her based on her outstanding performance and contribution in visible policing, moral regeneration and community education. In recent years Mgogodlana managed to pick up a crime-ridden Sector 4, which includes Hamilton, Erhlich Park and Vista areas in the Mangaung policing precinct to a fully functioning sector with an updated sector profile and Sector Forum, two Sub-Forums as well as a Business Forum in the Hamilton industrial area. She also established a Neighbourhood Watch in the area.

"I have always loved working with people. I think it comes from my father who’s in the taxi industry. He helps a lot of people, especially the poor and that’s the way I grew up, helping people, and that’s why I love my job," Mgogodlana said.

She admits the award came as a shock to her, but with the passion she has for what she’s been doing since 2011, it’s no wonder she was chosen as the national winner.