Metsimaholo Mayor acknowledge negative municipal services



Metsimaholo Municipality Mayor said he was aware of negative impacts that the electricity and water outages including spilling of sewer has upon residents.

Brutus Mahlaku wanted to inform residents of Sasolburg, Deneysville, Oranjeville and Refengkgotso that the disruptions of those basic services are a result of people unlawfully tampering with pump stations. He said since Metsimaholo municipal employees embarked on an illegal strike on 17 June 2014, they have experienced disruptions in basic services.

Mahlaku reassured residents that they have come up with contingency plans to address the issue. He explained that not all employees are on the illegal strike and some of those who were on strike did return to work. Mahlaku expressed his appreciation for striking employees who returned to work and added that the municipality’s doors are always open for those employees who feel aggrieved and still have labour related issues.

He apologized to the Metsimaholo community for the inconvenienced caused by the disruptions of services and further explained that the municipality didn’t have any technical problems at their electricity, water and sewer pump stations, except the alleged criminal activities that they are experiencing.

“We are calling upon our residents, especially in Zamdela and Sasolburg to assist the municipality if they see any person tampering at our electricity substations or pump stations as this affects the delivery of water and electricity and it impacts negatively upon the residents. Let us report these people who are committing these criminal activities to the police station in Zamdela and Sasolburg or call the following numbers,” said Mahlaku.