Meter reading scam


ESKOM in the Free State have received complaints from customers who have been scammed by people pretending to be ESKOM contractors who are responsible for testing, replacing and calibrating ESKOM meters in their homes.

According to a media statement by ESKOM, the scammers call ESKOM customers and tell them that they will be visiting them to test meters and replace faulty meters. They then ask the customers to pay upfront, directly into their bank accounts. After that the customer never hears from them again and no meter test is done.


ESKOM wants to remind all customers that there is no paying upfront and that all payments are and should be done through the normal billing system into the bank accounts as provided on their ESKOM bills. ESKOM pleads that no customer should pay an ESKOM employee in cash and no payments must be done into other bank accounts, only the official account provided by ESKOM must be used.


Customers are urged to be vigilant of opportunists who are purposefully exploiting members of the public.


Suspicious persons and activities can be reported by calling the ESKOM contact centre on 08600 ESKOM/ 37566 or by calling ESKOM fraud hotline on 0800112722.