Men of Soul hits the mark

The Men of Soul in action on the Moods & Flavors stage on Saturday evening. Credit: Pieter Delport

The creators of the AM Music Series has set such a high standard with their first concert, titled Men of Soul, that it would take a quite an effort to top it.

The concert was performed in front of a sold-out audience at the jazz club Moods and Flavors on Saturday evening.

The four vocalists featured in Men of Soul, all local performers from Heidedal, took the audience on a musical trip down memory lane that was second to none. The audience reacted enthusiastically while the foursome effortlessly belted out one soul hit after the other.

The difference in vocal range between the four made it quite easy for them to pay tribute vastly different artists ranging from Ray Charles to the Manhattans.

Of course, it also helped that they had a backing band consisting of three seasoned session musicians led by drummer Angelo Mockie, who is also the mastermind behind the AM Music Series.

The artists performed two sets which were both about an hour long with a break in between. This allowed for some networking as well as informal discussions between audience members, adding to the already great ambiance created by the music and food offered by the establishment.

Mockie intends for the music series to serve as a platform for authentic, artistic expression for local musicians. The series will provide fans with a live element which will allow the guests to express their love for performing arts as each artist performs.

Over the next year there will be ten shows, of which Men of Soul, was the first. All shows will be hosted at Moods & Flavors on the last Saturday of each month.

The next show will feature a group of female artists paying tribute to the legendary ladies of soul music. More details will be made available closer to the time.

For more information on the AM Music Series call Mockie on 0721122771. – Pieter Delport