Medical research brings positivity to the province



Medical researches conducted by the Free State department of health and the University of the Free State bring positive outcomes.

This is according to the university’s school of medicine head, Professor Alan Gibson. He said there have been fantastic researches presented in the last two days that made it clear that research played an important role. He was speaking at the second day of the Free State Provincial Health Research Day in Bloemfontein last week. Gibson explained that research can help inform managers and leaders of the province on how to improve their policies and do things.

He believed that the university and the department can work symbiotically as a team. Gibson was impressed that there was a research initiated by the department of health in 2011 to improve paediatric and child mortality rates which changed the problems the department was facing. He said prior to the intervention one child died in the province every week.

“The department of health initiated a programme where it introduced vaccines and provides vitamin A and milk supplements to children. After that intervention there was a clear drop is the number of children who died, it dropped from one a week to one a month. So it proves improvement. I think it is very positive. It shows what the department has done. The university has statistics that proves that. There is a lot the department can be proud of,” he said.

Gibson explained that research proves the partnership of the university and the department can work. He said there was a lot to be proud. He sees too much negativity in the way everyone is regarding the health problems the province has . He stated that a lot of problems the province is facing are similar around the world and there is good work done by the province.