MEC Mashinini visits Ficksburg


The Ficksburg community who started protesting this past week, applied the necessary pressure and have started to see the results thereof.

This as the Free State MEC for Roads, Sam Mashinini, visited Ficksburg on Wednesday.

Representative of Free State Agriculture (FSA) and spokesperson for the organisation, Friedl von Maltitz, confirmed that Mashinini arrived in Ficksburg late Wednesday afternoon and met with them. Upon request, Mashinini also drove with FSA members on the Hammonia Road and admitted that one cannot even call it a road.

Von Maltitz said the MEC indicated that the potholes on the R26 should be repaired immediately and that the Hammonia Road should be scraped to become a dirt road.

It was further decided that Morgan Barret, chairman of the Ficksburg Agricultural Association, will work with the road engineer to monitor progress, plan budget spending as well as decide which roads need to be repaired.

“We are grateful that the action has yielded results and hope that it can spill over into the whole province.”

This protest saw farmers, taxi owners and drivers standing together for a common cause. The ‘Sechaba sa Ficksburg’ community forum stood together like one man to show their displeasure over the government’s laxity in repairing provincial roads. The forum led a peaceful protest during which several routes in and around Ficksburg were closed with tractors, bakkies and taxis.

Sazly Hartzenberg