May Day furore reflects anger of working class: Nzimande

SACP secretary general, Dr Blade Nzimande says perhaps the working class are angry and are rowdy as a result, because they have long been quiet. Credit: Pulane Choane

The undermining of working class’s anger is perhaps what led to a blatant refusal by the crowd to allow Zuma address them at the May Day Workers’ march in Bloemfontein earlier today.

This is according to the secretary-general of the South African Communist Party (SACP), Blade Nzimande.

Nzimande also said going forward a call needs to be made to workers to address the situation and their demands.

“I never thought it was going to go to this level. I thought that we could actually still rescue the situation. I hope that this is the ultimate wake up call for all leaders.”

The SACP secretary said the situation was embarrassing for both President Jacob Zuma and himself.

He also added that a programme of action needs to be formulated with a top-down approach.

“As far as we are concerned as the SACP, we need a huge effort, led by top leaders, to really reunite our structures,” Nzimande said.

Meanwhile, Executive Mayor of Mangaung Municipality, Olly Mlamleli, said “Our people need to learn to raise issues in the correct manner. It is a problem when a fraction of the crowds are behaving as they are because it affects the other part of the crowd that is compliant. What is surprising is that displeased crowds refuse to listen to calls from their own leaders to remain calm and allow the president to talk. If the workers decide to destroy their own event then the onus should fall on them and not blame President Zuma’s presence. Everyone here is a guest and ultimately, we are all here to support their event.”

The May Day Workers’ day march was held from Batho community Hall to Loch Logan in Bloemfontein in commemoration of International Workers’ Day which was celebrated on Monday.

Pulane Choane- Courant News