Matrics with #Covid19 symptoms ‘not allowed to write finals’

With just three weeks to go before some matrics will sit for the first final exam papers, preparations were underway to make more space available to ensure venues abide by Covid-19 regulations.

The Department of Basic Education (BDE) said this year, due to the unprecedented virus outbreak, public schools would also be using facilities like community halls and church buildings to create more space for a large number of pupils sitting to write some exams while abiding by social distancing protocols.

The department said pupils showing COVID-19 symptoms like a persistent fever would not be allowed to write the final paper this year.

But would, however, be given a second chance with supplementary exams next year.

“In terms of actual preparations, the teachers and invigilators are there and we hope that they too will keep safe so that we don’t have to replace them along the way if they get tested positive,” said the DBE spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga.

More than 30 matric pupils in the Western Cape were among a group of teenagers who contracted the virus last weekend after visiting a popular night club.

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