Maths whizzes excel at international convention


A party of 12 Free State based learners and team leaders participated in the 5th International Young Mathematicians’ Convention (IYMC) held in the city of Lucknow in India during the past December holidays. This group consisted of 9 learners, 3 each in a team and 3 team leaders. They participated as 2 junior teams and 1 senior team. They took part in a number of interesting mathematics contests, together with teams from countries all over the world.

The 2 junior team members were: Team 1: Luan Nel (Grey College), Vincent Clarke (St. Andrew’s) and Marthinus Schoombie (Sentraal High School) and  Team 2: Jackie Wu (St. Andrew’s), Simonne Relling (Oranje Girls’ School) and Daisy Sempe (St. Michael’s). The senior team members were Jan De Wet Linde and Jannie de Wet (both from Jim Fouché High School) and John Park (Grey College). The team leader was Dr Elsie Schoombie and the deputy team leaders were Renita Linde and Franey Wu.
The Free State team members did quite well and brought home a number of medals and certificates of merit.

There was an individual olympiad where every learner worked on his own at some advanced maths problems. In this competition Jan De Wet Linde, John Park and Vincent Clark each received a silver medal. Jannie de Wet, Luan Nel and Jackie Wu received bronze medals. In the team contest where the team members worked together on a set of given problems, the senior team obtained a second place certificate and the junior team 1 obtained a third place certificate.

The persons responsible for the training of the teams were Ms Marietjie Wink and Dr Elsie Schoombie. The senior team members were also coached by Mr Jon Smit and Ms Desi Nikolov. The teams were handsomely outfitted with T-shirts and jackets sponsored by Mr Bertie Nel, one of the parents. After the competition the teams took a short trip through some parts of India, visiting amongst others the world famous Taj Mahal in Agra.