Masterclass workshop for the music lovers

Cornelius Olifant doing what he does best, playing the guitar. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Ever had a passion for the guitar but never went for lessons? String Flair Workshop, in collaboration with AHADI and 56OT, will be hosting a two-day masterclass guitar workshop from 4-5 November 2023.

Esteemed and well-known guitarist and soloist Cornelius Olifant will be conducting the String Flair Workshop.

Audience members will experience Cornelius Olifant sharing his personal journey as a guitarist, creating an atmosphere where both seasoned players and beginners can discover the beauty of this instrument.

Here, he will also introduce exciting guitar lessons at 56 Oliver Tambo Road where members of the workshop will be given preference to sign up.

Day two of the workshop will be hosted by AHADI. This workshop is fundamental for the Indie artists as day two is completely dedicated to nurturing local Indie artists and producers.

Masters in their craft, such as the likes of Angelo Mockie, who is a renowned director, musician and provincial coordinator for Assitej South Africa, as well as Michael Rumbi who is a curator, songwriter and gained traction in the music and entertainment industry, will be guest speakers at day two of the workshop.

Day one of the workshop takes place at 56 Oliver Tambo Rd in Bloemfontein Central and day two will happen at HASH Lounge, 73 Park Rd in Willows.

For more information, contact Michael Maringa at or contact Michael on 074-063-0015.

Abigail Visagie