Massive fuel price decrease on the cards in July

Massive fuel price decrease on the cards in July Photo: Stock/Canva

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy says the cuts are due to the decrease in international fuel prices and a stronger rand.

Early predictions of a massive decrease in fuel prices may soon become a reality at the pumps in July, providing much-needed relief for South African motorists.

Recent data from the Central Energy Fund (CEF) indicates that fuel recoveries have been in favour of drivers, with both petrol and diesel showing substantial over-recoveries this month.

If these trends continue, July will mark the second consecutive month of fuel price cuts.

In June, fuel prices decreased by as much as R1.24 per litre, while diesel prices dropped by between R1.08 and R1.18 per litre.

Here are five ways to ensure that you save fuel:

Keep tires pumped up: Tires that are underinflated have a higher rolling resistance on the road. This means that with every kilometer traveled, your tires generate more friction and rolling resistance, and hence, will increase fuel consumption.

Drive with AC: Driving with the windows down at speeds faster than 80km/h causes a lot of wind resistance and costs you a lot more fuel. Contrary to what you may think, in this situation, it’s simply more fuel-efficient to drive with the aircon on.

Don’t go too fast or too slow: When cruising down a highway, your engine works hard to overcome wind resistance. You’ll burn up to 15% more fuel at 100 km/h and 25% more at 110 km/h. That might tempt you to drive slow, but if you drive slower than 50 km/h, your engine would drop to a lower gear, thus using up more fuel. In conclusion, a steady 50 – 90 km/h on the highway is best to achieve optimal fuel economy.

Plan your rush hour route: Stop-start traffic puts a lot of pressure on your engine, thus burning more fuel. When possible, plan your commute to and from work carefully to help you avoid the worst of peak traffic.

Don’t stay idle for long: If you are waiting for something or someone for more than three minutes, turn off your engine. You may not be moving but as long as your engine is on, it’s burning precious fuel.

Pretoria Rekord/ Staff reporter